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  • Brake Friction

    We maintain a comprehensive inventory of brake pads, discs, and shoes to ensure the safety and reliability of your braking system.
  • Clutch Friction

    Your clutch is crucial for your car's optimal performance. We offer a range of replacement and repair parts, including clutch kits, flywheels, release bearings, and more, to keep your vehicle running smoothly.
  • Cooling & Heating

    Various components in vehicle heating and AC systems collaborate to maintain the driver's desired temperature. We offer everything from replacement radiators to new condensers for your comfort on the road.
  • Electrical

    Modern vehicles feature extensive electrical and lighting systems, essential for safety on the road. Our vast inventory of components is tailored to enhance your vehicle's safety and ensure the well-being of all road users.
  • Engine Parts

    Ensure your engine runs smoothly and safely. Being a crucial component of your car, it comprises various parts, from timing belts and pistons to camshafts, all stocked by us.
  • Exhausts

    We carry a comprehensive selection of exhaust systems. Your exhaust plays a vital role in containing harmful gases, so timely repairs are essential when damage or wear occurs.
  • Filters & Ignition

    We offer a wide range of filters and ignition parts to ensure optimal engine performance and efficiency.
  • Flexible Mounting

    Over time, the filling of Flexible Mountings can degrade or leak, leading to engine and suspension vibrations. If you're experiencing this issue, it is vital to promptly replace the affected mountings.
  • Fuel & Engine Management

    We provide a selection of engine management sensors designed to autonomously regulate various petrol and diesel engines.
  • Hydraulics

    We stock all hydraulic parts crucial for power steering and braking systems. Replacing them when necessary ensures smooth operation, precise control, and safety on the road.
  • Steering & Suspension

    Among the most crucial components of your vehicle are its steering and suspension systems, pivotal for ensuring both comfort and safety while driving. Our inventory includes a variety of steering and suspension parts to assist you in maintaining or enhancing these vital aspects of your vehicle.
  • Service Parts

    Ensure your car runs safely and smoothly with our selection of car service parts. From spark plugs to oil filters, these components help maintain your vehicle's optimal performance. Neglecting regular maintenance could potentially damage the engine of your car.
  • Transmission

    These resilient parts withstand considerable wear and tear on the road and may need replacing after extensive mileage
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